1. boiledleather:

    NB: This post is intended for readers who have not read Feast or Dance yet. If you’ve read the entire series already, click here for the SPOILER-FILLED veterans’ version of this reading order, which also includes a very thorough explanation of how I came up with it, plus an ongoing list of…
  2. I finished my Lofoten sweater, and I’m thrilled with it!

  3. 221bcon high has been thoroughly squashed by my committee meeting. Basically one of my committee members brought up all the things that I knew I was not doing well at and had pushed to the back of my mind. Which is good, so now I’m thinking about them, evaluating them, and can work to change them, but it makes me feel like shit.

  4. mercurialkitty:

    221B Con Craft Circle Pics — More to come!

  5. mercurialkitty:

    221B Con - Craft Corner - pic set 2 - more to come

  6. mercurialkitty:

    221B Con - Craft Circle - Pic Set 3

  7. mercurialkitty:

    Photos from the Three Patch Podcast Suite at 221B Con

    Oh hey look I’m spinning yarn while slightly tipsy and drunk on geek-overload.

  8. Hey, look! It’s me showing off my Rhodion at the Tea Party! 

  9. More awesome cosplay (I was lucky enough to ride in the elevator with the Victorian cosplay, so I got to see them up close). 

    The Three Patch Podcast people are “The Fourth Wall.”

  10. The Doctor Who contingent.